stem cell knee repair

Swedish scientists grow cartilage tissue from cow knee joints for possible future knee repair

Cartilage is found on the surface of all joints in the body, cushioning them from shock and allowing the bones to glide smoothly over each other, but cartilage will deteriorate over time, particularly in those joints that are constantly in motion and as the knee joint bears the most load in the body, it can […]

As Roger Federer undergoes knee surgery, why tennis knee injuries are so common

Days after his defeat in the Australian Open semi-final against Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer underwent knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus which will take him out of action for a month. The surgery was reportedly a success and Federer announced that, “with proper rehabilitation, I will be able to return to the Tour soon.” […]

Could depression medication relieve pain from knee osteoarthritis

Researchers at Arthritis UK recently announced the commencement of a clinical trial into the potential benefits of a medication commonly aimed at treating depression or anxiety for relieving knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis explained Osteeoarthritis is a joint condition whereby the joints become painful and stiff as a result of deterioration of […]

Knee symptoms: beyond pain

Last month we looked at types of knee pain and what they can tell us about the different problems that affect the knee. However, if you are suffering from a serious knee condition then pain is usually accompanied by other symptoms, all of which will be assessed during your consultation with Mr Jonathan Webb. The […]

Ouch! What your knee pain might mean?

Successful treatment of any problem relating to the knee depends on the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. Before ordering any necessary tests or scans, Mr Jonathan Webb will discuss your symptoms in depth and the location of your knee pain can be an important tool in diagnosing the problem, particularly if it involves a […]