ACL & Young Female Athlete

ACL surgery rising fast in young females

It’s great to see more people taking part in sporting activity, but according to a recent study of the private insurance data of a whopping 148 million US residents, there’s been a marked increase in operations to repair torn knee ligaments – and the highest and fastest rates can be found amongst teenage girls. According […]

diagnose ACL tear

How we diagnose ACL tears

It’s always important to be aware of new trends in Anterior Cruciate Ligament detection, so a recent study conducted by Houston Methodist Hospital caught my eye. The study, conducted over the course of a year which involved 91 patients aged 16 to 60 who had experienced a knee injury with subjective swelling or an objective […]

excess weight and knee damage

Lose weight to slow down degeneration of the knee joint

You don’t have to be a medical expert to make the assumption that overloading the weight on a knee joint is a bad idea, but a recent report published by the University of California has demonstrated just how much stress overweight and obese people are putting on their knees. The research team spent four years […]

steroid injections for knee arthritis treatments

Recent new studies weigh into knee arthritis treatments

Our interest was piqued by a couple of studies – one from the US, one here in the UK – which indicate that some traditional methods for knee arthritis treatments may be slipping out of vogue. The first report comes from the British Medical Journal, where a panel of international experts claim that knee arthroscopy […]

Meniscus repair with 3D printed cartilage

3D printable implants: the future of meniscus repair?

Coming soon – print your own knee? Sounds ludicrous, we know, but the worlds of 3D printing and medical science have been skirting around each other for a few years now. There have already been examples of 3D printing being used to create exact moulds of body parts (such as the scalp), but the latest […]