patellar instability

Managing patellar instability

The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine has just concluded its annual meeting in Toronto and one research project stood out among the rest, suggesting that younger patients who suffer patellar dislocations are at a higher risk of recurring dislocations, especially in the long term. The research project, which was conducted by The Mayo Clinic […]

knee replacement surgery

Study finds that knee arthritis rates have doubled in just a few generations

A recent study from Harvard University resulted in a mass of media attention: people born after World War Two are twice as likely to develop knee arthritis as those born in generations beforehand. The study, which involved an examination of more than 2,000 ancient skeletons dating as far back as 6,000 years and cross-referencing the […]

return to running

Return to running after a knee injury

It goes without saying that we’re always keeping an ear to the ground for new developments in the field of knee injury rehabilitation, so a new report from the University of Kent has piqued our interest – especially as it could be a breakthrough for athletes who have recovered from a knee injury, but are […]

knee damage sports

Study reviews the worst sports for knee damage

Osteoarthritis – the condition that causes joints to stiffen and cause pain – has long been seen as an inevitable consequence of the ageing process, but it’s also a distinct hazard for athletes. We’re already seeing incidences of osteoarthritis in middle-aged and even young adults with athletic backgrounds, as a consequence of the sports they […]

ACL & Young Female Athlete

ACL surgery rising fast in young females

It’s great to see more people taking part in sporting activity, but according to a recent study of the private insurance data of a whopping 148 million US residents, there’s been a marked increase in operations to repair torn knee ligaments – and the highest and fastest rates can be found amongst teenage girls. According […]