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New advice not to delay your knee replacement

It goes without saying that the decision to undergo a total knee replacement procedure is a decision not to be taken lightly, and there is a lot to think about before taking the plunge. For many, it is uncertainty about the recovery period and its implications that play a role in making this decision: roughly […]

Potential new treatment: the artificial meniscus

The meniscus is a crucial part of the knee: it’s a piece of cartilage which sits between the thigh bone and shin bone – two in each leg – which acts as cushions between the two bones. As you can imagine, it’s not a part of the knee you’d want to come to any damage, […]

Don’t change a thing: no benefit found in adopting a new way of running

It may be midwinter, but we’re already a mere four months away from one of the biggest dates in the running calendar – the London Marathon. Which means that for the more serious runners amongst us, the training programme starts now. The winter stretch is usually the less intense part of the year, physically, but […]

Can you go skiing after a knee replacement?

There’s always one on any skiing holiday: the poor soul who came a cropper on the slopes and has to spend the rest of the week incapacitated, staring out of the window, looking mournfully at the piste while sipping on a hot chocolate. No shame in being that person – it can happen to the […]

Prehab before knee replacement could lead to better results

We’re all aware of the necessity of rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery, but what about the steps we can take before we even go under the knife? It’s something that’s been on my mind throughout the year, as I’ve been preparing for my own knee replacement procedure later this month. And according to a study […]

Robotic knee replacement advantages and disadvantages

One of the biggest developments in orthopaedic surgery in recent years has been the introduction of ‘robotic joint replacement’. The first misconception that we often have to clear up is that this development does not replace the orthopaedic surgeon and that the robotic arm is not actually performing the surgery independently. Robotic joint replacement technology […]

What is the recovery like after robotic knee replacement surgery?

Robotic joint replacement surgery has been trending across the medical community in the last few years and is an example of how technology is transforming the way hip or knee replacements are being performed. The recent addition of the Mako robotic knee replacement system to both my London and Bristol knee clinics offers patients a […]