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Study Evaluates the Long-Term Outcomes of Meniscectomy

A meniscectomy is commonly used to treat a torn meniscus in the knee. However, some experts in the field believe it offers little in the way of benefits for patients. Now, a new study carried out by Italian researchers, has evaluated the long-term outcomes of the procedure. Here, we’ll look at what the study found […]

When the knee surgeon becomes the patient: my knee replacement recovery diary

Leading London and Bristol knee surgeon Mr Jonathan Webb found himself in the unique position of becoming the patient when he recently decided to undergo knee replacement surgery. After injury his knee playing rugby for England in the early 90s, he underwent a meniscectomy and for many years remained pain-free and very active. However, in […]

How to Manage Your Knee Arthritis This Winter

During the winter, patients suffering with knee arthritis may experience a worsening of the condition. When the temperature starts to drop, it can feel like the joints are much stiffer and more painful. So, is knee arthritis impacted by colder weather and how can you manage your symptoms if it is? Here, you’ll discover everything […]

It’s Just Not Tennis: Racket Sports May Make Knee Arthritis Worse

A new study has revealed that racket sports may make knee arthritis worse in patients who are overweight. While physical activity is generally encouraged to those who are overweight, this new research shows not all types of exercise are suitable. Here, we’ll look at what this latest research revealed, and which types of exercises are […]

When to Return to Play: Predicting When Your ACL Graft Has Healed

One of the most common questions athletes have after undergoing an ACL graft, is when they can return to play. Like any surgery, it is important for patients to rest and recover until they are fully healed. Returning too soon to sport increases the risk of the need for repeat surgery, graft rupture and knee […]

Protecting Your Knee Replacement in Younger Patients

Knee replacements are typically associated with an older patient demographic. However, with each passing year, there is a growing number of younger patients undergoing the procedure. In fact, experts predict that by 2030, there will be a 183% increase in the number of knee replacements carried out on patients 65 and younger. Now, research has […]

ACL Tears Can Do Real Damage to the Brain, Study Finds

Trauma to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, has been found to also do real damage to the brain in a new study. It is already known that ACL tears can lead to some degree of permanent loss of joint function. However, the reason behind this isn’t clear. The new study, published in NeuroImage: Clinical, […]

FA Take Action to Reduce Incidence of ACL Injuries in Women’s Football

The FA is launching new studies to try and understand why so many female football players experience ACL injuries in the sport. The move comes after 12 players from the Women’s Super League and Championship suffered ACL injuries from the game. Here, we’ll look at what studies are being carried out to address the worrying […]

Prehab Before Your Procedure: How to Prepare for Knee Surgery

Elective surgery has been hugely impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and many patients now find themselves facing a lengthy wait for their surgery. If you are waiting for your surgical procedure to be re-scheduled, there are things you can do to ease any discomfort or mobility issues you might be experiencing. Here, you’ll discover the […]